You are not allowed to squat!

We are often given these rules from specialists, as instructions on how to train our clients. As movement specialists, we find these absolute statements alarming, and frustrating. Telling someone they can’t do a global movement like a squat is extreme, especially given many of us do variations of squats or lunges on a daily basis in life! Providing such an absolute warning against these movement often adds fear to the client, which in turn makes it even harder to work with them on the ‘dangerous’ move.

Avoiding movement isn’t the solution

When a client comes to us and says ‘I’m not allowed to do squats or lunges’ we often ask clients whether they squat to go to the toilet, or lunge to reach and grab something from the floor, or put their arms over their head to get dressed etc. Every single person performs all of these movements, every single day. In our experience telling someone they ‘can’t’ is the worst thing you can do for them mentally.