We have three levels of training space for group classes, personal training and workshops. Our studio is spacious with lots of room to MOVE. Our studio is versatile and adjustable, with the latest in fitness equipment. Training on our lush grass surface will stimulate your feet and make you want to move and play.

Besides all of the traditional gym equipment like dumbbells, olympic bars, squat and deadlift racks, kettlebells, rowers and cable machines, we offer the latest and greatest in innovative and integrated movement tools.


The grass in our studio lends itself naturally to barefoot training and is fantastic for providing stimulation and upregulation of the tissues in your feet. Barefoot training is important for healthy foot function, and is a prerequisite to a strong and pain free body. Ditching shoes mobilised and strengthens the foot to become more effective at sharing load up the body. Barefoot training allows us to see how efficiently your foot is shock absorbing, so we can implement fascial techniques or movement that will enhance foot function.